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Keep up to date with the latest topics and new technology

A series of free seminars will be held in the seminar theatre on the show floor. These sessions  run for 30 - 40 minutes and  cover a range of topics and technology to inform and keep you up to date with the latest developments and technology in electronics. Following are the topics that will be presented and the programme times will be finalised shortly.

How To Take an Innovative Idea To Commercial Success
Paul Moutzouris, CEO of Ingenuity Design Group

Dive deep into the intricate journey of transforming innovative ideas into commercial success with Paul Moutzouris, who’s company are expert in advanced technology product design. Paul will guide you through the insights outlined in his acclaimed Forbes article, "How to Take an Innovative Idea to Commercial Success." At the heart of this seminar lies a spotlight on one of Ingenuity's groundbreaking creations: Pokit Pro. The most portable integrated multimeter, DSO, and data logger. Offering a firsthand account of the challenges, strategies, and pivotal moments, we'll dive deep into the development process that shaped its evolution from a mere concept to a market-leading product.

Power-Efficient Software-Defined Radio (SDR) Solution
Michael Reznik, Staff Embedded Solutions Engineer – Microchip Technology

Microchip offers the most power‐efficient platform for Software-Defined Radio (SDR), based on the PolarFire FPGA. Suitable for a wide range of applications including battery-operated tactical and emergency services radios, and radiation-tolerant solutions for space communication.

Revolutionizing Edge Computing with AMD Embedded+
Joe Peng - Sr. Regional Sales Manager ANZ - AMD

Join Joe to explore how AMD is transforming the landscape of edge computing with the AMD Embedded+ architecture! In this session, he will delve into cutting-edge technologies that pave the way for sensor fusion, AI inferencing, industrial networking, control, and visualization.
AMD Embedded+ integrates AMD Ryzen™ Embedded processors with AMD Versal™ AI Edge adaptive FPGA SoCs on a single PCB targeting use cases such as machine vision, robotics, defense, industrial networking and control systems, medical equipment, and smart city/security/retail applications. Embedded+ provides a common software infrastructure spanning x86, arm, AI Engines and FPGA to accommodate diverse workloads and enables fast time to market through an off-the-shelf product offering from ODMs.

Onshoring Electronics Manufacturing in Australia
Ray Keefe, MD - Successful Endeavours

It has long been assumed that Australia can't compete with overseas manufacturing. While there are areas where this might prove true, Successful Endeavours regularly helps Australian businesses bring their electronics manufacturing back on shore.
In this presentation Ray will show you how they go about doing this including some real case studies.

Selecting a Wireless Communications Technology
Ray Keefe, MD - Successful Endeavours

Wireless Technologies for communications have been in use for more than 100 years and are even more important today given how many wireless connected devices rely on them. So how do you decide what wireless technology to use?
This seminar will look at some common use cases and the options for what technologies to use and their pros and cons.

Artificial Intelligence Applied to Automated Optical Inspection
Vasanth Kumar, Head of Operations - Delvitech

Delvitech designs, manufactures and supplies sustainable AI based technological solution for the 3D automated optical inspection of assembled printed circuit boards.
Characterized by self- programming features, Delvitech’s software, in conjunction with its proprietry patented multi – camera optical head, precision-engineered in Switzerland, delivers unparallelled inspection capabilities. The web-based software is unique, modern, singular and its ultimate goal is to automatically generate inspection programs, that can even be shared though the cloud. The result is the continuous improvement of the entire manufacturing process, making it faster, steadier, more scalable.

Test and Measurement Solutions for Electrification application (Power Utility Infrastructure Photovoltaic (PV0, Lithium Ion Battery (LiB)
Lim Chan Huang, Strategic Segment Sales Manager- HIOKI Singapore

The electrification trend has been rapidly transforming various industries, from transportation to energy generation. This shift toward electrification is driven by the need for more sustainable and efficient solutions to meet growing energy demands while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. As electrification continues to gain momentum, the importance of reliable test and measurement solutions becomes increasingly evident. These solutions play a critical role in ensuring the performance, safety and reliability of electrified systems, such as Lithium Ion Battery (LIB), photovoltaic (PV) and also power utility systems. Without comprehensive testing and measurement capabilities, the full potential of electrification cannot be realised, posing risks to both consumers and the environment.

Standardising Rated Current: Ensuring Consistent Performance in Electronic Design with IEC 62024-2
Julia Moses, Internal Applications Engineer - Wurth Electronics Australia

Ensuring consistent performance in your DC/DC SMPS designs requires selecting inductors with the appropriate current handling capability. However, traditional methods for specifying inductor current ratings vary between manufacturers, making it difficult to compare components and predict real-world performance.
The IEC 62024-2:2020 international standard provides a solution by establishing a standardised
testing methodology for rated current. This ensures consistent and comparable data across
different manufacturers.
This presentation will delve into the details of IEC 62024-2, exploring how it characterises
"performance rated current" and the benefits it offers during the design phase of your DC/DC SMPA projects.

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